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Product Technologies
Pentium� 4 Processor - 478
Pentium� III Processor
Pentium� II Processor
Pentium� II Xeon(tm) Processor
Intel� Celeron" Processor
S.E.P.P. form factor
P.P.G.A. form factor
Universal Retention Mechanism (URM)
Direct RDRAM* Memory Technology
Intel Mobile Module
NLX Motherboard Form Factor
Intel Embedded Processor Module
Manufacturing Process
PC Design Considerations
Component Assembly
IC Storage and Handling
Flash Applications
Intel(r) Architecture processors for everything you develop Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 Processor

Practical Manufacturing Advantage Tips are a vehicle by which we share methods and other considerations that make it easier to use Intel products in the manufacturing environment. Use of these tips may help you achieve improved yields and a more reliable product. We have tips relating to new Intel technologies to help you reduce time-to-market and generic tips relating to various aspects of the manufacturing process

Manufacturing Advantage Tips is part of Intel's Quality System.

Intel Customer Quality Newsletter, February 2002

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