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Manufacturing Advantage Tips - Pentium� III Processor

NLX Motherboard Form Factor: Assembly Process Opportunities

The NLX Motherboard Form Factor

  • Fast Fallout Replacement
    Historically, replacing motherboards is a time-consuming process (i.e. cables and peripherals need to be disconnected, and the motherboard needs to be unscrewed). In the event of failure, the NLX form factor allows fast removal of the motherboard and fast installation of a replacement motherboard allowing the system to be quickly put back on the production line.
    Additionally, a quick debug test using a Gold motherboard can prevent a debug backlog from building up. This process can save precious time when reworking the finished product.
  • Just-In-Time Configuration
    NLX allows the system configuration to be finalized during production. This means inventory of partially-built chassis can be completed for just-in-time shipments to your customers:
    • Various motherboard skus are inserted at the end of line.
    • The CPU is easily installed at the end of line.
      • Easy access for CPU installation.
    • AGP option.
    • Add-in requirements.
  • Beat Rate Improvements
    Easy motherboard installation means it is no longer necessary to do a "wake up" test prior to inserting the motherboard into the chassis. This removes a step from your process. In addition, easy motherboard replacement enables faster rework.

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