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Manufacturing Advantage Tips - Pentium´┐Ż III Processor

NLX Motherboard Form Factor: Test & Rework Opportunities

The NLX Motherboard Form Factor

With the NLX form factor, you can easily insert and remove motherboards from a completed chassis without disturbing other components. Easy access to motherboard components allows convenient resolution of potential memory and processor failures. Below are some tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Visual Inspection
    • During your initial production of NLX systems, you may want to make a close visual check for the following:
      • Damage to connectors and sockets.
      • The fit and placement of the I/O shield.
      • Complete insertion of motherboard into riser connector.
      • Correct wire connections.

  • NLX Rework Considerations

    • Because NLX motherboards are easily removable, chassis verification using a "gold" motherboard is greatly simplified.
    • Before removing the motherboard, remove the external cables and the AGP card.
      • There should be no internal cabling to the motherboard.
    • Always ensure power is off and system is unplugged before removing or inserting motherboards.
      • No "hot swap".
    • Remove motherboard using the insertion/removal latch.
      • The latch will aid disengagement from the riser card.
      • Additional tooling may be necessary to fully remove the card.
      • Pulling on the processor or AGP slot connector is not recommended.

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