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Intel Baseband Chipsets
Intel Baseband Chipset
Intel is enabling a new generation of feature-rich, compact, lightweight wireless handheld devices by providing the key building blocks, including baseband chipsets, flash memory, microprocessors, reference designs, software and other technologies. Intel's wireless technologies support global standards ensuring that its customers' products surpass the requirements of continuously evolving wireless standards.

Baseband chipsets, designed and developed by DSPC, an Intel company, provide an ideal, flexible platform for designing multi-mode, multi-band wireless handsets. Based on digital signal processing (DSP) technology, DSPC baseband chipsets support multiple wireless standards, frequencies and vocoders. TDMA and PDC chipsets deliver enhanced voice quality and high integration, while reducing power consumption and costs.

Intel Baseband Chipsets
Intel Baseband Chipset Software
Intel provides developers with a full suite of software protocols to support voice and data features for wireless communications including handset browsers, e-mail, and short message service. Software protocol products employ a unique architecture that maximizes software testability and robustness while minimizing power consumption and memory usage.
Intel® Flash memory meets the needs of the wireless industry.

Wireless Power
Give handheld devices the power and battery life to run leading-edge applications, with the new Intel® PXA250 Applications Processor.

IBM and Intel Join Forces in Pan-European Wireless Solution Program
Intel and Symbian to Deliver Data-Enabled Mobile Phone Platform
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