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Intel(R) e-Business network

You don't have to be a top executive to know that e-Business is big—really big. In fact, with e-Business related transactions expected to top $5 trillion dollars by the end of 2001**, the drive for e-Business solutions, services and systems has grown beyond the scope of any one company.

"There is no way for a single company to provide all the solutions and have all the answers," says William Swope, Vice President of the Intel Architecture Group and General Manager of the Intel Architecture Solutions Enabling Group. "We have a long history of working with other companies to enable the broader market, and we are bringing that experience to bear to the Internet and e-Business."

That's why Intel, the leading provider of building block components for the Internet, continues to work with the literally thousands of providers who comprise the Intel® e-Business Network. Intel collaborates with software vendors, hardware manufacturers, service providers, resellers and other companies who are working together to promote, improve, identify and implement solutions based on Intel® Architecture. This broad community of providers also helps formulate industry standards and technologies that drive world-class e-Business solutions. Among the benefits of the Intel e-Business Network are:

  • Choice: Strong and far-reaching relationships within the Intel e-Business Network foster industry wide innovation, diversity and best-of-breed solutions.
  • Freedom: Multi-vendor freedom of choice lets companies take advantage of the most flexible e-Business solutions.
  • Agility: The wide range of interoperable solutions, systems and services available from the Intel e-Business Network help companies affordably deploy more quickly and effectively than their competitors.

The Result: Companies that standardized on the open Intel Architecture tap into a vast pool of developer innovation, consulting expertise, and e-Business knowledge. From broad e-Commerce solutions to the most tightly focused vertical applications, the Intel e-Business Network offers unprecedented selection, ease of implementation, and reduced cost for your business.

That freedom delivers more than outstanding cost and price-performance compared to proprietary platforms. It offers businesses the agility to compete and excel. Freed from proprietary platforms and software, organizations can weave together best-fit solutions to create an environment tuned for their specific challenges and opportunities.

Is your company a solution provider, hardware manufacturer, reseller or other business that provides e-Business solutions and services to customers? If so, visit the Global Membership Program to find out how Intel can help you tap into these resources and gain support from the Intel e-Business Network.

**Source: International Data Corporation, 2001

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