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Looking for flexible, scalable e-Business solutions? Check out solution providers featured on the Intel® Business Computing.

Strategic alliances
Learn more about the Intel® e-Business Network alliance program and how it is helping nurture next-generation e-Business solutions.

e-Business solution providers
Learn about companies from the Intel e-Business Network that can help you fully develop your e-Business strategy. From consulting to developing to managing, these solution providers offer tools and resources to accelerate every part of your e-Business.

Hardware solution providers
Gain insight from Intel e-Business Network hardware solution providers to identify the infrastructure your company needs when implementing e-Business.

Software solution providers
Discover software solution providers from the Intel e-Business Network that can help bring your ideas to life with applications for all of your e-Business needs.

Solution blueprints
Intel's Solution Blueprints are detailed technical documents that define preconfigured, repeatable solutions based on successful real-world implementations. Built on Intel® architecture and flexible building block components, these solutions help deliver increased customer satisfaction, lower operating costs, and better productivity.

Find a local reseller
We can help you identify and locate qualified "solutions-oriented" companies, to provide you with today's complete technologies´┐Żincluding PCs, servers, networking and e-Business solutions.

What are Intel and Oracle doing?
See how Intel and Oracle are working together to provide outstanding business value to the enterprise using Oracle database and business applications running on Intel®-based servers.

Intel & SAP
Work together delivering complete e-Business solutions characterized by leading-edge technology, a complete range of optimized products, and an infrastructure with superior price-performance.

Intel(R) e-Business Network
Intel collaborates with software vendors, hardware manufacturers, service providers, resellers and other companies who are working together to promote, improve, identify, and implement solutions based on Intel architecture. This broad community of providers comprises the Intel e-Business Network, and brings choice, freedom and agility to your business.

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