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Intel and Microsoft alliance
Learn how server and client solutions from Intel and Microsoft are
giving businesses the responsiveness and performance they need
to succeed today.
Intel and Microsoft alliance

Intel(R) Microsoft*
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Bring the Experts to Your Desktop

See hundreds of videos from industry experts, including Intel executives: Andy Grove, chairman; Craig Barrett, CEO; Sean Maloney, Senior Vice-President and Director of the Sales and Marketing group; Doug Busch, Vice-President and CIO; and more!

The five disk set includes 28 keynotes from industry leaders, 18 showcases featuring the hottest areas in each market, 156 interviews, and over 110 real-world Microsoft* and Intel®-based solutions.

Order The Microsoft Business Advantage CD, shipped to you for a nominal fee, to find out how the industry leaders get the edge.
At the forefront of innovation, Microsoft and Intel represent The Ingenuity of the Industry's sharpest minds working together. Microsoft and Intel have worked together for over 20 years and for nearly a decade, they have been developing and marketing enterprise hardware, software and services. Over the years, the server building blocks from Microsoft and Intel have evolved from simple file servers and workgroups to powering highly interoperable mission-critical enterprise and e-Business solutions in datacenters around the world today. From a desktop and mobile computing perspective, Intel and Microsoft have worked together to provide a new standard for performance and dependability and offer a reliable foundation that you can count on. As technology leaders, Microsoft and Intel continually invest in delivering a new approach to best solving the evolving needs of the enterprise.

Mobile and Desktop PCs

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