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OracleWorld European Conference
June 24-27, 2002
Bella Center
Copenhagen, Denmark
Intel Booth 3300

Intel is a Premier sponsor at the upcoming OracleWorld conference and will be showcasing cutting-edge demonstrations, and business and technology sessions that show how customers benefit from deploying Oracle9i Real Application Clusters with clusters of Intel®-based servers.
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Intel and Oracle provide outstanding business value to the enterprise. Oracle's industry-leading database and business application solutions run on high performance, reliable and cost-effective clusters of Intel® Xeon" processor family-based servers and Intel® Itanium® processor family-based servers.

As one of the world's largest enterprise software companies, Oracle provides enterprise-class database and business application solutions and software to many of the world's largest and most successful businesses. With Oracle9i* Real Application Clusters* (RAC), Oracle marries the power of its industrial strength Oracle9i database application with the performance, reliability, and flexibility benefits of an advanced server clustering environment. Just as important, Oracle9i RAC enables companies to scale database performance using cost-effective Intel server clusters, rather than rely on expensive proprietary servers.

Intel and Oracle have had a long working relationship. Oracle has teamed with Intel to tune its solutions for the Intel® architecture, including optimizing its future product releases for the advanced 64 bit Intel® Itanium® 2 processor. These efforts dramatically improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of our joint solutions, enabling customers to deploy industrial strength Oracle technology on the Intel architecture at a fraction of the cost required for proprietary platforms.

Intel and Oracle: The Value Proposition
Oracle9i with Real Application Clusters on Intel® architecture
Success Stories and Solution Blueprints
About Oracle
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Intel and Oracle: The Value Proposition
Oracle's Internet-enabled solutions running on Intel-based servers provide a cost-effective way to expand market opportunities, improve the efficiency of business processes, and attract and retain customers. Through the joint work of Oracle and Intel, enterprises can leverage the vast reach of the Internet to deploy innovative applications that can be accessed anywhere, using a standard Web browser. Oracle provides a full range of e-Business solutions for Intel architecture-based platformsincluding an Internet-ready platform for building and deploying Web-based applications, a comprehensive suite of Internet-enabled business applications, and the consulting expertise to implement better solutions, faster.

With software and database products such as Oracle9i Database, Oracle9i Application Server*, Oracle Internet Developer Suite*, and Oracle E-Business Suite* (CRM, ERP, Supply Chain Management and Procurement), Oracle provides everything companies need to automate the business processes and relationships that create success. The powerful combination of Oracle and Intel Architecture enables customers to run scalable e-Business solutions in mission-critical environments.

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Oracle9i with Real Application Clusters on Intel® Architecture
Oracle9i Real Application Clusters deliver pay-as-you-grow scalability, with the highest levels of availability, for all applications. Add servers to your cluster when needed and increase reliability at the same time. Clustering on Intel-based servers allows companies to improve fault tolerance and reliability. Active fail-over, for example, allows other servers in the cluster to step in for servers that are out for maintenance updates or have experienced a failure. With Intel-based server clusters, scalability is enhanced as well, since IT organizations can incrementally add new servers to the existing, modular environment as their business grows.

Oracle9i RAC employs an innovative Shared Disk approach and unique Cache Fusion* shared cache architecture to overcome challenges that can impede availability, performance, and scalability. Oracle9i RAC allows access to a single database from multiple nodes of a clustered system configuration, insulating application and database users from hardware and software failures, while providing performance that scales with the hardware environment.

Benchmark testing at the Intel® Solutions Center in Winnersh, England, revealed impressive results on a four node cluster based on 4-way Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" processor-based servers running Oracle9i RAC. The build-out performed more than 125,000 transactions per minute in a real-life insurance company environment, completing the equivalent of the annual processing load of a medium size insurance company in half a day.

Through the shared disk architecture and Cache Fusion architecture, Oracle provides high availability and scalable clusters. Intel architecture-based servers provide highly reliable and cost-effective scalability.

White Paper: Fast Track to Oracle9i RAC

Oracle9i RAC Performance on Intel Architecture [PDF, 68KB]

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Success Stories and Solution Blueprints

Intel Solution Blueprints Featuring Oracle Products:

content charging and revenue chain management [PDF, 179KB]
customer relationship management solution [PDF, 448KB]
individual wealth management solution [PDF, 595KB]
internet business and operation support system [PDF, 2.4MB]
operations automation solution for retail banking [PDF, 705KB]

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About Oracle
Oracle Corporation is the world's largest enterprise software company, providing enterprise software to many of the world's largest and most successful businesses. With annual revenues of more than $10.8 billion, the company provides database, tools, and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services. Oracle is the first software company to develop and deploy a 100 percent Internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database, server, enterprise business applications, and application development, and decision support tools.

Oracle equips businesses to succeed by enabling them to streamline and integrate entire organizations, globalize business systems, and simplify business practices. Oracle's suite-based approach enhances integration and business value, while reducing the cost and effort to customize solutions to task.
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