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Oracle9i* real application clusters (RAC) on Intel architecture
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Oracle implementations used to require expensive, RISC-based servers. But such an approach limited database administrators to a single, inflexible platform. Now with Oracle9i* Real Application Clusters, data centers have a secure, scalable, affordable alternative.

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This white paper [PDF, 299KB] provides an introduction to Oracle9i Real Application Clusters (RAC) powered by Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" processor-based servers. RAC is a new feature available with Oracle9i Database that allows you to run your database on a cluster of Intel-based servers. The white paper provides a variety of information, including:

  • A description of an Oracle Certified Configuration of Compaq* ProLiant* servers running the SuSE* Linux 2.4.3-16 kernel.
  • A review of the setup decisions that ensure optimum performance.
  • A description of the performance impacts of synchronization messaging on multi-node Intel-based clusters.
  • Discussion of the effects of hardware selection and scaling strategies on overall system performance.

By understanding the scaling characteristics of database clusters, companies can deploy large databases on affordable servers and scale them as their applications and businesses require.

Please read the entire white paper [PDF, 299KB], "Oracle9i Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Intel® Architecture."

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