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As the leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions since 1972, SAP has been helping companies control costs, streamline operations, and turn a profit for three decades. With the* family of e-Business solutions, SAP helps companies extend these benefits throughout the enterprise, across the supply chain, and to the customer.

Intel and SAP have worked together since 1994 to optimize SAP solutions for the Intel® architecture. Through their alliance, Intel and SAP have lowered total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers while providing data center-class performance, reliability, availability, and scalability. Intel's engineering and development efforts with SAP result in a total solution that can be deployed today to expand business opportunities.

Intel and SAP: The Value Proposition
SAP Solutions for Intel Architecture
Success Stories
About SAP
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Intel and SAP: The Value Proposition
The family of solutions is tailored to the challenges facing virtually every businessfrom supply chain management and customer relationship management to sector-specific challenges, such as pharmaceuticals and automotive. By working together, Intel and SAP are able to deliver a complete e-Business solution that is characterized by:

  • Leading-Edge Technology: Intel and SAP have been working together for more than eight years, and more than half of all SAP implementations are on Intel architecture. That means the solutions you get from Intel and SAP represent the latest technology.
  • A Complete Range of Products Optimized for SAP: For the e-Business solutions, codevelopment by Intel and SAP based on open standards technology means more choices for customers and platform partners, and faster implementation.
  • An Infrastructure with Superior Price-Performance: Intel and SAP offer lower TCOfrom the initial hardware and software purchase through ongoing maintenancethan competitive platforms. You also gain unparalleled investment protection with the highest standards of reliability, availability, scalability, and performance by adopting Intel architecture and SAP's key solution platforms.
SAP Solutions and the Power of Intel®-Based Servers [PDF, 792KB]
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SAP Solutions for Intel Architecture
As the leading provider of enterprise resource planning and e-Business solutions, SAP's extensive offerings touch every corner of the enterprisefrom back-end databases to customer-facing staff and services. To ensure solutions that deliver value to the broadest possible range of companies, SAP teamed with Intel to optimize its e-Business offerings for the Intel architecture. It's a relationship that began in 1994, when SAP first ported its leading SAP/R3* enterprise resource planning application to Intel architecture.

Today, Intel and SAP continue to work together optimizing SAP's applications for deployment on flexible and scalable servers based on Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" and Intel® Xeon" processors. For the most demanding mission-critical applications, SAP is optimizing select solutions for the Intel® Itanium® processor.

Read more about these efforts in an interview with Rolf Müller [PDF, 74KB], SAP development manager for the Microsoft* platform.

This ongoing collaboration is bearing fruit in the form of innovative, leading-edge solutions that enable companies to fully integrate applications, processes, and personnelboth within the enterprise and across corporate borders. By optimizing solutions for the world's most widely deployed server platform, SAP is able to meet the reliability, availability and scalability needs of any enterprise, while offering unmatched cost-performance and flexibility.

Poised to Perform: Intel and SAP Deliver Outstanding ROI with Solutions Built on Intel® Xeon" and Intel® Itanium® Processor-Based Servers [PDF, 87KB]

Solution Blueprint: Precision Infrastructure Solution [PDF, 331KB]

Supply Chain Management Fact Sheet [PDF, 161KB]

Enterprise Resource Planning Fact Sheet [PDF, 161KB]

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Success Stories

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About SAP
Founded in 1972, SAP is the recognized leader in providing collaborative e-Business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market. SAP is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company, and one of the world's largest independent software suppliers overall.

SAP has leveraged its extensive experience to deliver, the definitive e-Business platform for today's economy. The collaborative e-Business platform allows employees, customers, and business partners to work together successfullyanywhere, anytime. is open and flexible, supporting databases, applications, operating systems, and hardware from almost every major vendor.

By deploying the best technology, services, and development resources, SAP delivers an e-Business platform that unlocks valuable information resources, improves supply chain efficiencies, and builds strong customer relationships.

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