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customer relationship management (CRM)
How do you attract and retain customers for your business? Make the move towards building a user-centric experience with these strategies and real-life tips.

business strategies
linking customer behavior to e-commerce strategy
authored by Knowledge
the problem with segmentation authored by Patricia Seybold Group
the new rules of CRM authored by PriceWaterhouseCoopers
CRM's move toward mobility: an interview with Intel's Chris Thomas
next-generation CRM
putting customers at the center of CRM
technology strategies
beyond proprietary computing: a guide to Intel® architecture server deployment scenarios authored by CMP Media
taking it personal authored by Broadvision
information delivery at Intel: using CRM to accelerate business processes, enable customers
success stories
Farm Credit Services of America* [PDF, 34KB]
authored by Pivotal
Andover E-pulppaper Ltd.
Legend Computer Systems
Shell Corporation
solution providers
Burntsand: next-generation insurance claims portal [PDF, 821KB]
Burntsand: next-generation solutions claims portal
[PDF, 689KB]
Dimension Data: customer relationship management solution [PDF, 448KB]
Dimension Data: Franchise Communication Portal [PDF, 393KB]
Financial Network Services: operations automation solution for retail banking [PDF, 705KB]
Getronics: web-enabled, multi-channel customer service solution [PDF, 1.21MB]
IBM Global Services/SAS: Enterprise Customer Analytics solutions [PDF, 457KB]
IBM Global Services/SAS: Enterprise Customer Analytic solution for retailers [PDF, 2.12MB]
IIS (Integrated Information Systems)*
J.D. Edwards*
Melillo Consulting: next-generation portal solution
[PDF, 458KB]
Pivotal: retail banking solution [PDF, 1.19MB]
Stellcom: personal sales assistant [PDF, 559KB]

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