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As the leading supplier of global telecommunications solutions in the Belgian marketand a major provider across EuropeBelgacom SA needed a way to develop technological leadership among its employees. At the same time, the company knew it had to reign in support costs on its more than 3,000 desktop and mobile PCs.

Standardize PC deployments around powerful and affordable PCs based on Intel® Pentium® 4 processors. By establishing a single PC platform for both work and subsidized home deployments, Belgacom streamlined management costs while adopting an enduring platform for future applications. Just as important, employees have a chance to take advantage of leading edge technologies that should help Belgacom compete in rapidly converging telecom markets.


Compaq* Evo PCs based on Pentium 4 processors, 256MB SDRAM, and 20GB hard disks

Desktop PCs:

Compaq* Presario mid-tower PCs based on Pentium 4 processors, 256MB SDRAM, and 20-80GB hard disks.

Mobile PCs:

Compaq Presario 1702 based on 933MHz Intel® Celeron" processor, 256MB RAM, 20GB hard disk

Server Software:

Microsoft* Windows* 2000 Professional, McAfee* 4.51 Enterprise, Microsoft Project* 2000, Microsoft Frontpage* 2000, ABC* Flowcharter* 7.0, KeaTerm*, Autocad* 14/2002, Oracle* 8.0, SAP* R/3 4.6

Desktop Software:

Microsoft* Windows XP* Home Edition, Microsoft Office* 2000, McAfee 4.51 Enterprise, MP3 Maker, Videowave* 4 SE, Photosuite* 4 SE, Ghost* 2002 disk imaging tool, Easy CD Creator* 5.0, Colin* McRae Rally Championship 2.0, Dronez*, DVD Britannica* 2001, WINDVD* 3.0. SIMCITY* 3000, Fun Art

Solution Provider:

Elsevier within the PC project.


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