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Blaupunkt: Overview

Blaupunkt is a well-regarded name in the audio industry. Founded in 1923, the German manufacturer became known for its high-quality headsets, which bore a trademark blue dot to indicate that the equipment had passed rigorous testing. By 1938, the blue-dot symbol became so popular with consumers that the company changed its name to Blaupunkt, which translates to Blue Dot in English.

Today, Blaupunkt is one of the world's leading manufacturers of car stereo and mobile communication systems. The company employs more than 7,500 people and produces five million car radios and 500,000 navigation systems each year. It has sold more than 100 million car audio systems since the first model came off the assembly line in 1932.

A subsidiary of the Bosch group, Blaupunkt is an industry leader, defining standards for car stereo technology and setting the pace for industry innovation. Among the technologies championed by Blaupunkt: integrated car stereo and mobile telephone systems; traffic message channels; voice-controlled global positioning systems; and navigation systems that calculate optimal driving routes from digital traffic reports.

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