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Clalit Health Services
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How do you build an online information system for a staff of nearly 30,000 healthcare workers spread across 14 hospitals and 1,400 clinics that is capable of rapidly processing large volumes of data and serving hundreds of users concurrently.

Israel-based healthcare provider Clalit Health Services standardized on an online system using Intel® architecture with clients based on Pentium® 4 processors and with a server based on the Xeon" processor. The new 8-way Unisys* ES7000 server replaced a 32-way Sun* E10000 server to run online analytical processing and data warehousing. A second domain of eight Itanium® processors has also reduced response times to a few seconds while presenting up-to-date information in a friendly format.

Business Value:
Clalit now offers fast, reliable distribution of online information, enabling hundreds of concurrent users to gain access, thus reducing overall cost of ownership. Performance gains encourage the use of innovative applications such as knowledge management and collaboration.


Unisys* e-* Enterprise Server ES7000 with eight Intel® Xeon" processors and eight Intel® Itanium® processors


3,000 Compaq* desktop PCs with Intel® Pentium® 4 processors

Operating System:

Microsoft* Windows* 2000

Storage System:

EMC* Symmetrix*


Microsoft* SQL Server* 2000 Analysis Services, ProClarity* Analytics Platform

Services Provider:

Ness Technologic


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