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Gemex Trading: Overview

When businesses began paying attention to the Internet, it didn�t take long for them to realize the potential cost and time savings that could be gained by taking processes online. Over the past two years, companies have worked to deploy supply chain management, customer relationship management, and online e-Commerce systems. The goal: shave costs, improve the bottom line, and better competitive position.

Gemex Trading AG acted out of a similar imperative. As the import purchase commission agent for non-food products of the METRO AG Group and other customers, Gemex has worldwide responsibility for procurement processes. The company focuses on services such as sourcing, bidding, RFQs, product management, order placing, finance services, quality assurance and logistics.

In that capacity, Gemex understood the "pooling" approach that parent company Metro AG Group long employed to bring buyers together to view samples of products sent from around the world. During these meetings, articles are selected and pooled togetherhence the term pool meetings. The problem: These meetings are both time consuming and expensive, demanding that buyers travel from around the world to view products in person.

Gemex came up with a simple solution: Take the pooling process online.


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