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GMX AG: Solution

For GMX, customer service is the key to continuous growth. The partnership with Itrade has enabled GMX to extend and add value to each interaction with its users, by increasing the scope for activity on the GMX site.

Access figures have jumped thanks to the new offerings, and are building every day, and the stickiness of GMX�s pages is measurably greater: each user now spending almost twice as much time within the GMX environment as they did a year ago.

What�s more, GMX users are responding to the enhanced service by providing even more information about themselves through the service login screens. As a result, the value of GMX as an advertising partner is growing not only in strength as user numbers increase, but in depth thanks to the quality of GMX�s growing demographic database.

On the technical front, the decision to go with Intel®-based technology has delivered an excellent price/performance ratio especially for Web applications, and because they are suppliers of compatible systems, neither GMX nor its partners will ever be obstructed by single sourcing bottlenecks.

High hardware reliability and availability of spare parts and service is fundamental to the continued scaling up of GMX�s services, so once again the choice of industry-standard Intel® Architecture by both GMX and Itrade has proved to be a critical success factor.

The Way Ahead
GMX has set itself the target of becoming Europe's leading supplier of integrated, reliable and user-friendly Internet communication for private and commercial clients. GMX FreeMail* is now available in a total of nine languages and their corresponding countries, and over the coming months the marketplace services will be extended into each national domain.

Also on the roadmap is the extension of unified messaging into WAP phone territory. All in all, 2001 is certain to be the most successful year yet in the development of this pan-European Internet services group. It will increasingly act as an Internet platform, which unifies the most varied communication media to provide one of the most well-integrated suites of Web applications on the Net, both for consumers and for business clients.

overview challenge lessons learned

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