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Guta Bank
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Guta Bank: Overview

Russia�s New Innovative Online Banking Service
In the league of Russian banks, Guta Bank is ranked 13th in terms of capital and 21st in terms of assets. Its capital base amounts to 2 billion rubles (US$69 million) and its assets 12.9 billion rubles (US$447 million). The Bank has 32 regional branches and one Moscow branch specializing in servicing telecoms. In 1999, it recorded profits of US$10 million.

Guta Bank has a long history of servicing telecom customers. It harbors an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the high-tech sector including telephone companies, Internet Service Providers, mobile and paging companies. All four mobile phone operators in Moscow have Guta Bank accounts.

In 1997, Guta Bank established Telebank, a processing center designed for the development of remote banking services, including Internet banking.

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