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An innovator in business telecommunications, Inter-Tel had a fast-growing sales organization that was outstripping the company's ability to communicate with its dealers. Inter-Tel needed a Web-based communication link to its sales channel that would personalize content, integrate easily with back-end systems and deploy in time for an impending dealer meeting.

Webridge helped Inter-Tel build a new sales channel extranet that delivered extensive content personalization. The integrated e-Business solution runs exclusively on Intel® architecture and employs global managed hosting services from Intel® Online Services. The new site was tested and fully operational in less than 120 days.


* 6350 with four Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" processors

Web application:

Webridge* Extranet!*

Operating system:

Microsoft* Windows* NT (Upgrade to Windows* 2000 scheduled)

Data replication:

Vision Solutions* Symbiator*

Remote management software:

Netopia* Timbuktu* Pro, Intel® Online Services VPN

Integration technology:

Extensible Markup Language (XML), Microsoft .NET*

Integration services:


Application monitoring:

Freshwater SiteScope*

Backup services:

IBM* Tivoli*

An easily managed, highly personalized extranet site gives Inter-Tel and its dealer organization a competitive edge with streamlined sales support, reduced channel conflict, faster inquiry response and lower operating expense.


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