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Mail-Well, Inc., a leading provider of printing and publishing services, found a great way to boost sales volumesdeploy Web-based purchase portals that let customers place orders directly online. One problem: Growing order volumes had customer service representatives scrambling to keep up.

Mail-Well subsidiary GAC Allied integrated its back-end production system and customer Web sites by deploying XML Web services. Using an Intel® architecture-based integration appliance and powerful desktop PCs, Mail-Well has shaved three to four days off customer design cycles and is positioned to handle steep projected growth in online order volumes.

Back-end system:

printCafe* Logic* data collection system

Integration appliance:

CommerceRoute* Syncx* 6100 Appliance, based on dual Intel® Pentium® III 800MHz processors and an embedded Microsoft* Windows* .NET* infrastructure.

Client PCs:

Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-based PCs running Microsoft* Windows* 2000 operating system and Microsoft* Office* XP.


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