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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
authored by NEC
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) is a vast conglomerate that competes in areas such as shipbuilding, power systems, industrial machinery, aerospace systems, steel structures, and more. To continue to innovate and succeed in these areas, the company needed to improve its product development and simulation efforts.

MHI migrated away from its existing UNIX-based simulation systems and adopted an Intel® Itanium® processor-based system from NEC. The new system offers considerably greater performance at much lower cost and with greater access to cutting-edge solutions than the old system.

Business Value:
MHI is now able to conduct much more detailed and thorough product and materials simulation, yielding more refined product research and design. What's more, the time to complete these simulations has been reduced, increasing overall productivity


NEC* TX7/AzusA* Scalable Server with 16 Intel Itanium processors and 4MB of L2 cache memory. 32GB of system memory and 200GB of disk storage.

Operating Systems:

Hewlett-Packard* HP-UX* 11i


MHI custom applications and ISV applications


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