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sevina technologies
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Sevina: Overview

Customer relationship management has been a hot topic on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for the past two years. Emboldened by maturing networks and powerful enterprise software, companies have looked to find a way to capture and harness customer data in an effort to improve the bottom line.

Sevina Technologies ( has tapped into this powerful trend. A leading provider of next-generation software solutions for the European e-Business marketplace, Sevina develops software for companies ranging from small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to large organizations. The company's focus: customer relationship management (CRM) Web services and customer service automation solutions.

Sevina has tapped into another powerful trend in the marketplace: The emergence of software delivered as a service over the Web. The company's Web-based software enables any business to deploy cutting-edge business solutions rapidly and easily while minimizing investment and ongoing total cost of ownership. The combination of enterprise-level reliability and scalability, with the latest and most innovative Internet technologies, enables Sevina's customers to safely, confidently, and cost-effectively leverage the power and potential of the Internet.


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