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PeopleSoft: company on the move
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Few companies know mobile computing as well as PeopleSoft*. The global provider of enterprise application solutions has been outfitting employees with mobile PCs since the company first opened its doors in 1987. Today, all 6,000 PeopleSoft employees at 39 sites in the U.S. and around the world use laptop computers. Even the temporary employees use laptops.

Mobile computing has helped productivity by enabling collaboration across distances and providing additional flexibility in the workday. But PeopleSoft executives point out that enhancement of employee morale is a key benefit. Among the benefits the company has experienced:

  • Improved ability to recruit and retain employees, thanks in part to the flexibility that mobile PC use affords people in the company.
  • Enhanced productivity and better collaboration among the distributed workforce.
  • Reduced management costs through a rigorous program of training, process automation, and product standardization.

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