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Financial services
No industry canand mustbenefit from best-in-class technology solutions like the financial services industry. Customers are demanding the kind of integrated, personalized financial products that can only come from new business systems. And government regulators are requiring financial institutions to further streamline existing operations.

Intel is working with companies like yours, and with its technology partners throughout the Intel e-Business Network, to develop end-to-end solutions for the financial services industry. Currently, these solutions are concentrated in two major areas:

Straight Through Processing is about integrating data and systems to minimize touch points, maximize security, and increase the speed by which financial companies settle transactions. Customer Experience Management gives companies a singular view of customers across a variety of products to help deliver the right services at the right time and maximize sales.

Learn more about how Intel and its network of solution providers are enabling financial service applications [PDF, 1.2MB], through cutting-edge technology.

Finance building blocks
Intel: enabling agile, scalable financial service solutions [PDF, 1.2MB]
beyond proprietary computing: a guide to Intel® architecture server deployment scenarios
Intel-based servers deliver top performance for Java*-based e-Business
building a better e-Business infrastructure for scalability, availability and ease of integration
peer-to-peer-enabled distributed computing: making the financial services enterprise more productive
Solutions in action
tech trends: a five-year scan of technology solutions for the finance industry
Intel: enabling e-Business
betting on e-Business
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