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It has become important that government agenciesboth state and federalmust build newer, more reliable IT infrastructures to support the growing complexities of the modern world. Fortunately, technology is available to help government bodies run as smoothly and efficiently as today's e-Businesses. Open standards, off-the-shelf solutions, and leading-edge building blocks such as the Intel® family of advanced processors can open the lines of communication among government agencies, help them securely perform at their peak, and save significant taxpayer dollars over proprietary computer systems.

Intel is currently driving technology efforts in three major areas: National Emergency Messaging System (NEMS), e-Government, and High-Performance Computing (HPC). With the help of systems integrators, original equipment manufacturers and software developers, Intel-based solutions can build a government technology infrastructure that is as effective and powerful as democracy itself. Learn more about Intel's government initiatives.

National Emergency Messaging System
High-Performance Computing

Intel Servers "Scale Right"
Government-related IT departments are as cost-conscious as ever. Whether your job calls for consolidating servers or distributing them in high-powered clusters, Intel® processor-based servers can scale to meet your requirements. Best of all, Intel-based servers deliver the performance you expect at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

To learn how to scale your server infrastructure to meet your needs, please view the following demonstrations. You will discover that when you scale on the Intel architecture, you "scale right."

Scale Right
Whether you add servers to your infrastructure or upgrade existing servers with processors and memory, "scaling right" is the best way to meet your specific needs.
Scale Out
Clusters of affordable, high-performance Intel-based servers provide the flexibility you need for front-end Web servers or mid-tier applications servers.
Scale Up
Servers with 8, 16, 32, or more Intel® Xeon" MP or Intel® Itanium" processors can grow with the workload requirements of back-end, database servers.
Industry Trends
More data centers are adopting N-tier architectures that offer greater flexibility than mainframe solutions. Intel's "scale right" strategy is designed for N-tier deployments.

Intel CTO shows latest technology to government IT managers
Intel Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Pat Gelsinger told attendees of FOSE 2002 that the company isn't letting up in its drive push processor performance to new heightsthen he showed them.

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