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Intel offers a competitive, top-to-bottom solutions framework to enable High-Performance Computing solutions for scientific research and for industry applicationsranging from petroleum and aerospace, to finance and bioinformatics. The Intel High-Performance Computing solutionofferings includeprocessor, platform and interconnect/networking technology, software tools and middleware, and solution servicesall at phenomenal performance and significant cost savings.

Look how Intel, led by the Intel® Itanium® processor, can deliver substantially more computing power than other solutions.

Itanium Enters the High-Performance Computing Universean IDC White Paper
High-Performance Computing at Cornell Theory Center: Demonstrating the Advantages of the Intel Itanium Processor and Intel-Based Windows* Clusters
View this video to learn how Intel Itanium architecture is enabling new scientific breakthroughs at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), Cornell Theory Center (CTC), and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). (4:50)

Windows Media*56.6T1RealPlayer*28.856.6T1

Success Stories
Some of the world's leading research centers have already turned to Intel-based solutions to meet their high-performance computing needs. Their stories provide a lesson in how to achieve maximum performance at minimal cost using Intel processors.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. authored by Mitsubishi
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. authored by Mitsui
VTG-Lehnkering [PDF, 42KB]
University of Oslo [PDF, 21KB]
* [PDF, 253KB]
authored by Dell
University of Stuttgart
authored by NEC
Solution Blueprint: High-Performance Computing Solution to Optimize Product Design [PDF, 1.7MB]
California Insitute of Technology* [PDF, 185KB]
authored by Hewlett-Packard
University of Tennessee* [PDF, 221KB]
authored by Hewlett-Packard
Milestone in Nondestructive Testing: DaimlerChrysler Creates 3D Visualizations with Fujitsu Siemens Computers* Itanium Platform [PDF, 360KB]
Airbus* [PDF, 34KB]
authored by Hewlett-Packard
University of Oslo[PDF, 263KB]
authored by Hewlett-Packard
Cornell Theory Center: Material WitnessFracture Mechanics Code Testifies to Strengths of Intel Itanium Architecture
IBM Delivers Terascale Computing to NCSA on IntelliStation* Z Pro Workstations with Intel Itanium Processors authored by IBM
Cornell Theory Center: Windows-Based Cluster Computing on Dell Hardware
Customer Testimonials for Intel Itanium-Based Systems
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center: Planting Seeds of Progress with Linux on Intel

Applications and Resources
To fully exploit the benefits of high-performance computing, you need applications that are written to take advantage of high-performance computing technology. Find those applications here, plus learn more about the industry groups and consortia that are making advancements in high-performance computing.

Itanium-Based Workstations Speed Complex Design Projects
Itanium-Based Solutions in the Financial Market
Microsoft Computational Clustering Technical Preview Toolkit*
Open Cluster Group*
Peer-to-Peer Working Group*
Cornell Theory Center*

High-Performance Computing: Enabling Software
With the right high-performance computing enabling software, your high performance applications will run faster than ever. From compilers, to math libraries, to software stacks, these are the tools that fully exploit the potential of high-performance computing.

Software Services
KAI Software            

C++ Compiler for Windows
C++ Compiler for Linux*
Fortran Compiler for Windows
Fortran Compiler for Linux

VTune" Performance Analyzer
Intel Performance Libraries
Intel Training Center
Initiatives, Technologies & Tools: Top Technical Issues
Introduction to Math Kernel Library (Webcast Class)
Intel Software Development Products
OpenMP Program Tuning and Correctness Tools: KAP/Pro Toolset
Totalview Parallel Debugger, Etnus*
Vampir MPI Performance Analysis, Pallas*

Solutions Stacks
Scyld: Second Generation Beowulf*
ClusterControler and MPI/Pro: Cluster Management and Parallel Computing for Windows 2000 Clusters*

Interconnects and Networking
When assembling a high-performance computing system, you cannot ignore the high-speed connections between nodes. Learn more about these technologies, including the new InfiniBand* Architecture, and connect with solution providers who specialize in top-speed networking techniques.

Intel Networking & Communications Building Blocks
Intel Network Connectivity
Intel Ethernet Products
Myricom Inc. High-Performance Networks*
SCALI/Dolphin ICS: Scalable Coherent Interface Clusters*

Technology Programs
InfiniBand Architecture
VI Architecture Developers Forum*

At the heart of any high-performance computing system is the processor platform. Intel® Architecture processorsincluding the Intel Itanium®, Pentium® 4, and Xeon" processorsoffer the performance, scalability, and affordability you need for a high-performance computing solution.

Intel Itanium Processor
Intel Itanium Processor Information for Hardware and Software Developers
Intel Pentium 4 Processor for Desktop PCs
Intel Pentium 4 Processor Entry-Level Workstations
The Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" Processor
Intel® Xeon" Processor

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