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Through a series of white papers, case studies and other materials, Intel IT describes the lessons it has learned in identifying, evaluating and deploying new technologies. Investigate details within each topic area below. Learn more about IT.

Management practices
IT at Intel has evolved from a support organization into a significant corporate asset. In this section, find out how we transformed the organization with innovative management practicesranging from strategic procurement and planning processes to external community involvement.

Integration of emerging technologies is one of the key challenges for aggressive IT organizations. Success depends on proactive systems design. Here we'll cover some of the major components of Intel's distributed computing environment.

Business solutions
Value comes from the complete solutions that make an enterprise more competitive. For Intel, some key solutions include manufacturing, product design, supply-chain integration and workforce productivityall in the context of the changing Internet economy.

How Intel Delivers Rich Content
Making the Case for Engineering Computer Upgrades
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