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executive summary
CSim and ModelSim* performance on Pentium® III and Pentium® 4 processor systems
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Intel IT is no different than any other IT shop and knows that the days of throwing faster processors at demanding applications are over. Each application makes different use of CPU cycles, memory, and other resources. That is why, when it came time to upgrade Intel's Engineering Computing Platform, it was important to benchmark CPUs.

This white paper [PDF, 158KB] describes testing conducted at Intel to determine whether engineering computers should be upgraded to Intel® Pentium® 4 processors. Intel used two tools to test Register Transfer Level (RTL) simulation: CSim, an Intel-developed tool for simulating RTL models; and ModelSim, developed by Mentor with functionally similar to CSim.

As the test results in this paper demonstrate, Pentium 4 processor performance exceeded the fastest Pentium III system (dual 1 GHz processors) by over 3 times. Based on these CAD benchmarks, Intel determined that upgrade costs, even at full market value, were more than offset by the productivity gains delivered by the Pentium® 4 processor and therefore began upgrading its engineering computers.

To read the entire methodology and view the test results, please read the entire Intel IT white paper [PDF, 158KB], "CSim and ModelSim Performance on Pentium III and Pentium 4 Processor Systems."

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