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Manufacturing poses a unique challengemore than any other type of business, manufacturers rely on the extended supply chain to succeed. From raw material and parts providers to distributors and resellers, manufacturers must successfully work with hundreds of companies to succeed. As the world's largest maker of computer chips, Intel understands both the unique challenges and opportunities that face manufacturing firms. Learn how emerging technologies and solutions turn the manufacturing value chain into a vital asset.

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success stories
Ibaraki Hitachi Information Services, Ltd. authored by Hitachi
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. authored by NEC
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. authored by NEC
Audi [PDF, 55KB]
Elara [PDF, 39KB]
Epson Direct [PDF, 35KB]
Siemens AG [PDF, 83KB]
Smead Manufacturing [PDF, 101KB]
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business strategies
the accelerated value chain [PDF, 197KB]
reprinted from IndustryWeek
supply-chain synchronization can help lower inventory costs
simple solutions for increasing productivity: using XML to automate supplier provided information
building cars in a collaborative world
powering the next century of flight: e-business solutions for the aerospace industry
collaborative supply chain network trends
authored by IDC
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Intel® products & services
beyond proprietary computing: a guide to Intel® architecture server deployment scenarios authored by CMP Media
Itanium®-based solutions in the manufacturing market authored by IDC
Pentium® III Xeon" processor
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industry resources
ARC Advisory Group*
RosettaNet Home*
XMLstandards & innovation
the InfiniBand* Architecture imperative
Intel® e-Business Network
visit the Intel e-Business Network for more solution provider information
solutions blueprints
blueprints for
e-manufacturing success

80-20 Software: enterprise-wide
document security, storage,
and retrieval solution

[PDF, 635KB]
Burntsand: next-generation
solutions claims portal

[PDF, 690KB]
Dimension Data: customer
relationship management solution
[PDF, 449KB]
EDS: web-based collaboration solution [PDF, 802KB]
MSC Software: high-
performance computing
solution to optimize product
[PDF, 1.8MB]
Questra Corporation: Questra
Smart Service* solution

[PDF, 281KB]
Triaton GmbH: business
intelligence service providing
[PDF, 1.0MB]

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