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Intel®-based servers deliver top performance for Java*-based e-business
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Application server platforms are changing the way businesses deploy and integrate e-Business applications. By building services and tools, companies avoid having to build core infrastructure services into each application. Application server platforms play a crucial role in today's multi-tier computing infrastructures, enabling improved flexibility, scalability, and reliability across all tiers. By the same token, application servers play a crucial role in all aspects of the environment, particularly in the area of performance.

A leading financial services company recently benchmarked the performance of servers based on Intel® and Sun* processors, using BEA WebLogic* Server 5.1. A Java*-based workload was designed to emulate the real-word operating environment of the financial firm, using a two-way Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" processor-based server and a comparable two-way Sun server. The results of the tests were extraordinary: the Intel-based servers delivered significantly better performance and value across the board. Among the findings:

  • The Intel-based server was able to handle over three times as many client requests as the similarly configured Sun serverwhile running the same platform-independent workload.
  • Even under the most demanding conditions, the Intel-based server responded to an average request more than 50% faster than the Sun server.
  • Dividing server cost by the peak throughput for each system, it was found that the Intel-based server delivered 5-1/2 times better price/performance than the Sun server when under the most intense workloads.
The results of this unbiased test were so clear that the financial firm is now migrating the WebLogic portion of its application infrastructure onto Intel-based servers. It expects to migrate the rest of the application server platform environment to Intel Architecture as well. Perhaps most telling, these impressive results come before BEA has had an opportunity to optimize its code for the Intel platform, under the auspices of Intel's strategic alliance with BEA.

Read the entire detailed white paper, titled "Intel®-Based Servers Deliver Top Performance for Java*-Based e-Business"

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