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Desktop PCs

Desktop PCs based on Intel® Pentium® 4 processors offer outstanding performance, manageability and flexibility for today's complex business applications.

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
An advanced microarchitecture and clock speeds reaching 2.53 GHz enable the Intel Pentium 4 processor to meet business computing demands today and in the future.

Benefits of a High-Performance Pentium 4 Processor Desktop
Desktop PCs based on Intel Pentium 4 processors were designed expressly to meet the needs of emerging applications and usage models. Learn how these essential technologies can benefit your specific business:
Small Business

Technologies and Optimized Software
An optimized processor core and powerful new instructions make the Intel Pentium 4 processor a peerless engine for multimedia, communications, and engineering.

Desktop Strategies for Small Business
Take your business to the next level. Desktop PCs based on Intel Pentium 4 processors let you create rich content, improve communications, and tap into the power of the Internet.

Where to Buy
For a list of companies who manufacture or build desktop systems based on the Intel Pentium 4 processor.

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