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benefits of high-performance
Pentium® 4 processor-based desktop PCs

essential business technologies series

  Higher-performance PCs can improve your enterprise
  solutions, boosting client processing that can provide

The benefits of e-learning are driving widescale adoption of new tools and technologies. Higher performance PCs can help maximize their effectiveness.
information security
Planning your information security strategy? Learn more about enterprise information security. Read what the industry is saying about the latest trends and economic impacts. Get help designing, implementing or justifying a security solution. Or read about client security solutions from OEMs.
The benefits of collaboration are driving widescale adoption of new tools and technologies. Read how this will impact your infrastructure. See examples of collaboration in action. Hear from the industry on the trend toward collaboration.
XML/data integration
XML is impacting business. Read how your company can benefit. Hear what your peers have to say about XML. Also, read industry-leading analyst reports on the trend toward XML and its impact on business PCs.
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Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor

Avanade and Microsoft work together to deliver XML technology that lets users easily tap into data stored in leading enterprise systems�directly from Microsoft* Office. More.
Pentium 4 processor and Office XP productivity
See an example of how a Pentium 4 processor-based PC running Microsoft* Office XP can take advantage of XML, 3D, and collaboration software in a medical office scenario.
Groove offers a decentralized collaboration platform that helps achieve a greater "return on connection" from interactions with partners, suppliers, and customers by offering a richness of familiar Web collaboration environments. More.

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