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Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor M
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Intel Mobile Technologyspecifically designed for mobile PCsdelivers the best mobile solution for your needs. With processor speeds up to 1.80 GHz, the Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor M offers outstanding performance and extended battery life for real-time conferencing, streaming video, graphics presentations, and other multimedia applications.

Based on advanced Intel® Netburst" microarchitecture, the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M incorporates sophisticated power management and packaging features that extend battery life and enable thinner, lighter systems. The following features combine to improve user productivity, efficiency, and flexibility.

Higher Performance
The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M provides superior capabilities for multimedia and graphics-intensive applications, as well as the necessary performance for high-intensity collaboration tools such as streaming video and real-time video conferencing. Furthermore, it enables processor-intensive ´┐Żbackground computing´┐Ż tasks like compression, virus scanning, and client management. Many businesses are adopting mobile PCs for their workforce. Along with the growing need for mobility is the increasing requirement for high-performance computing.

Extended Battery Life
The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M incorporates energy-saving features that can efficiently manage power usage and significantly extend the battery life of mobile PCs.

Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® Technology dynamically scales frequency and voltage according to how much processing power is necessary. For instance, on the average the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M uses two watts of power by dropping to less than a volt between keystrokes then ramping up to 1.3 volts when peak performance is necessary. This real-time dynamic switching, which involves bus ratios, core operating voltage, and core processor speeds significantly extends battery life.

Another way the mobile processor maximizes battery life is with Deeper Sleep Alert State. This dynamic power management mode adjusts voltage during brief periods of inactivityincluding microseconds between key strokes.

FCPGA PackagingThinner, Lighter Systems
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M notebooks provide the flexibility, freedom and power to get the job doneat a desk or on the road. Innovative Micro FCPGA packaging technology allows the processor to fit into smaller form factors, including both full-size and thin-and-light notebook platforms.

This packaging makes it possible for mobile devices to be smaller, easier to use, and more capable of handling compute-intensive applications. The processor uses less power in both the performance and battery optimized modes, so it's cooler and can be used in smaller mobile PCs and devices.

Seamless Connectivity
Maintain high efficiency and productivity levels with Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M based notebooks, whether in a wired or wireless environment. The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M provides the battery life and performance you need for demanding wireless connectivity and security applications. Studies from leading analysts show that business mobile PC users with wireless connectivity gain an additional eight hours per week of productivity compared to mobile PC users on a wired network.

The Mobile Intel Pentium Processor 4 M enables convenient wireless connectivity by allowing you to choose advanced technologies such as LAN (802.11a and 802.11b) or Bluetooth*. 802.11a is the fastest standardized wireless technology with data rates of up to 54Mbps (versus 11Mbps with the current 802.11b standard). It enables more simultaneous wireless users and enhances mobile multimedia applications such as streaming video.

Complementing the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M is the new Mobile Intel® 845MP chipset. The chipset provides a stable and reliable platform for the deployment of powerful mobile PCs in the enterprise, ensuring maximum ROI and headroom for the future. It also incorporates advanced power management features to help maximize battery life and on-the-road productivity. Download the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M and Intel 845MP chipset performance brief.** [PDF, 135KB]

Read the entire product overview [PDF, 62KB], titled "Introducing the New Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M."

** Performance tests and ratings are measured using specific computer systems and/or components and reflect the approximate performance of Intel products as measured by those tests. Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance.

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