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Find out more about Intel®-based client, server, workstation, and network connectivity products.

Desktop PCs
Desktop PCs based on Intel® Pentium® 4 or Pentium® III processors offer outstanding performance, manageability and flexibility for today's complex business applications.

Mobile PCs
Businesses rely on mobile PCs more than ever before. Learn about the technologies, products and standards that are enabling mobility.

Learn how powerful servers based on the Intel® Pentium® III processor, the Pentium® III Xeon" processor, and the Intel® Itanium® processor offer ease of deployment, affordability, extensive industry support, and a broad range of system configurations.

Always use the right tool for the right job. An Intel® architecture-based workstation has the power and performance that is needed for today's demanding business environment.

Network Connectivity
Find out about Intel's desktop, mobile, server and handheld adapter products, along with iSCSI network storage and wireless networking.

Whether you're on the road or in the office, you need to stay productive. Intel's new line of wireless networking products lets you quickly, easily and affordably access corporate networks and run business as usual wherever you are.

Where to Buy Intel Business Products
Find out which equipment manufacturers and resellers have Intel-based systems available for purchase. More.
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