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server processor information

Intel recognizes that the broad range of server demands in today's enterprise requires processors tuned to specific missions. Today, the Intel® Pentium® III processor, Intel® Xeon" processor, Intel® Xeon" processor MP, and the Intel® Itanium" processor are available to meet these needs.

Read a complete overview of the features and benefits of Intel's server processors.

Intel Pentium III processor
Intel Xeon processor
Intel Xeon processor MP
Intel Itanium processor
Available core speeds Up to 1 GHz (256KB L2 cache),
Up to 1.40 GHz (512KB L2 cache)
1.80, 2 and 2.20 GHz, with future increases 1.40, 1.50
and 1.60 GHz
733 MHz, 800 MHz
Technology / architecture P6 Hyper-Threading technology,
Intel® NetBurst" microarchitecture
Hyper-Threading technology,
Integrated Three-Level
Cache, and
Intel® NetBurst" microarchitecture
Based on EPIC architecture
Process core technology 0.18 micron;
0.13 micron
0.13 micron 0.18 micron 0.18 micron
System bus frequency 100MHz, 133MHz 400MHz 400MHz 266MHz
Chipset ServerWorks* LE3, ServerWorks* HE-SL, Micron* Copperhead* Intel® E7500, ServerWorks* GC-HE ServerWorks* GC-HE, OEM custom chipsets Intel® 460GX,
OEM custom chipsets
Chipset memory PC133,
DDR200 / 266
DDR200 DDR200 PC100
Level 1 cache 16KB Execution Trace Cache Execution Trace Cache 32KB
Level 2 cache 256KB, 512KB 512KB Advanced Transfer Cache 256KB Advanced Transfer Cache 96KB
Level 3 cache N/A N/A 512KB, 1MB 2MB, 4MB
I/O bandwidth PCI 2.2 64/66,
up to 1GB/sec,
PCI-X 133 MHz
PCI-X, up to
3.2 GB/sec
PCI-X, up to
4.8 GB/sec
PCI-66 MHz
RASM features Error Correction & Recovery, Thermal Protection ECC Memory with ChipKill*, Hardware Memory Scrubbing, MCH SMBus Target Interface, Hub Interface ECC Error Correction Code on integrated three-level cache architecture, Thermal Sensors, System Manageability Bus Error Correction & Recovery, Thermal Management, Machine Check Architecture
Multiprocessing capability 1 to 2 processors 1 to 2 processors 2 to 32 processors 2 to 32 processors
Performance Excellent performance for server blades and low power
front-end server applications and workgroup applications.
Outstanding performance with headroom for peak server workloads resulting 25 - 30% increase in response times, support for more users, and enhanced scalability compared to Intel Pentium III processor with 512K L2 cache. Outstanding performance and support for more users: supports >35% more transactions than Pentium III Xeon processor-based servers. New levels of performance for targeted high-end applications including databases, focused and custom enterprise applications.
Supported form factors
(rack optimized, pedestal, blade)
Blade (Low Power), Rack Optimized, Pedestal Rack Optimized, Pedestal,
Server Blades
Rack Optimized, Pedestal Pedestal
Supported operating systems Linux*,
Novell NetWare*
Novell NetWare*,
UNIX* (contact system vendor)
Linux*, Microsoft Windows* Server, Advanced Server and Datacenter Server,
Novell NetWare*,
UNIX* (contact system vendor)
Windows* Advanced Server Limited Edition

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