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Intel® Xeon" processor with
512KB L2 cache

performance guide for servers
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The new Intel® Xeon" processor with 512KB L2 cache raises the bar for dual-processor, business-critical, and front-end servers. With the Intel® E7500 chipset, Intel® NetBurst" microarchitecture, and cutting-edge Hyper-Threading technology, the latest Xeon processor provides outstanding throughput and headroom for peak server workloads.

The following performance guide [PDF, 134KB] lays out the results of recent tests that show servers running the Intel Xeon processor with 512KB L2 cache deliver 25 to 30 percent better overall performance than servers based on the recent Intel® Pentium® III processor. Other tests argue the need to upgrade from the older Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" processor-based servers, based on the new Intel Xeon processor's proven ability to:

  • Support 24 percent more e-mail clients
  • Support 28 to 80 percent higher Web transaction throughput
  • Increase the number of real-time information retrievals by
    49 percent

Across the board, from mail server performance to Web server performance to Java* application performance, the Intel Xeon processor with 512KB L2 cache consistently delivers measurable performance gains.

To get the details behind the Intel Xeon processor's performance, please read the entire performance guide [PDF, 134KB].

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