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Intel® Xeon" processor MP
product information
Intel® Xeon" processor MP quick reference guide for servers
Intel Xeon processor MP buyer's guide for servers
performance benchmarks
Intel Xeon processor MP performance guide for servers
performance benchmarks: Intel Xeon processor MP-based servers
white papers
making a sound choice between 32 and 64 bits
authored by META Group
Intel Xeon processor family for servers with Hyper-Threading Technology
technical information
solution blueprint: web-enabled, multi-channel customer-service solution [PDF, 1.21MB]
Intel Xeon processor technology overview
Hyper-Threading technology animation
Intel Xeon processor MP technical datasheets
server products: solutions for developers
where to buy
Intel Xeon processor MP-based servers
news and events
Intel(R) Xeon(TM) processor MP
New large cache Intel Xeon processor MP pushes performance for multi-processing servers by more
than 30 percent

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