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Find industry-specific solutions that can help you build and maintain a successful e-Business and overcome obstacles in
this changing Internet economy.
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Don't let the dot-com meltdown fool you: e-Commerce is thriving like never before. The best online retailers have already begun to realize that the Internet is more than just another sales channel. It is a new way of doing business. The Internet must be tightly integrated with all your sales channels, giving consumers ubiquitous, seamless, multi-channel access to your products. You must use the Internet to collaborate with business partners in a streamlined supply chain. And you would be missing out on a huge opportunity if you did not use Internet technology to get to know your customers better. Intel understands how online retailers can exploit the Internet and is working with solution providers on cutting-edge applications.

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Omaha Steaks
Procter & Gamble [PDF, 84KB]
Black & Decker
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the accelerated value chain [PDF, 197KB]
reprinted from IndustryWeek
bringing online technology to the physical storefront
supply-chain synchronization can help lower inventory costs
higher intelligence
Intel's retail and consumer goods solution platform
an agile internet data center is the key to achieving supply chain automation rewards
Lids shine in bricks and clicks
(authored by Patricia Seybold Group)
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National Retail Federation ShowJanuary14-15, 2002
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betting on e-business
Itanium-based workstations power data analysis and visualization
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Dimension Data: Franchise Communication Portal [PDF, 393KB]
Stellcom: personal sales assistant [PDF, 559KB]
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Intel to Sponsor European RAD Award 2002*
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