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how do I bring wireless capabilities to my e-business?

Research indicates that the mobile workforce will reach 47 million workers by 2003. Wireless data subscribers will grow from 3 million to 36 million subscribers in the same time frame. It all means that the wireless revolution is poised to affect e-Business more than anyone can fully realize.

Accessing data anytime, anywhere is one part of the wireless equation. So is doing business anytime, anywhere. Mobile commerce (m-Commerce), whether business-to-commerce (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B), is an express train that companies must hop on if they are to capture the biggest possible slice of the overall e-Commerce pie.

Despite all the attention lavished on the wireless revolution, it is still very much in its infancy. Standards are being developed, applications are being built, and an infrastructure is falling into place. You can't wait until all the pieces fit before you address wireless networking as part of your e-Business. The articles in this section provide you with information you need to start weaving wireless capabilities into your e-Business infrastructure. Among the issues you'll read about:

  • Integrating m-Commerce. Transacting business over wireless devices requires a new set of best practices.
  • Wireless application design. It's not the same as Web application design, so you must understand the differences.
  • Wireless networks. They're not all about buying and selling. LANs and now personal area networks enjoy improved efficiencies once you cut the wires.
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latest news on wireless technologies
A new generation of wireless devices and standards, guided by Intel experience and expertise, are creating networksand revenue possibilitieseverywhere.

best practices for m-commerce
What does it take to implement a successful mobile commerce strategy for your e-Business? A series of best practices that take into account the unique medium of wireless communications. In this article, an expert from Proxicom*, a leading provider of e-Business solutions, describes these best practices.
Authored by Proxicom, Inc.
  How do I design wireless applications?
four principles of wireless application design
Designing wireless applications is a lot different than designing Web applications. Yet today, a lot of the folks who honed their skills programming for the Web are trying their hand at wireless applications. In this article, the chief technology office for Proxicom* offers up new ways of thinking when it comes to designing wireless applications.
Authored by Proxicom, Inc.
  Intel® on Wireless Technology
creating global wireless solutions: Intel's wireless competence centers

Intel works the wireless revolution

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