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As the leading provider of middleware and enterprise IT infrastructure built on open standards, IBM offers e-Business and database software across multiple platforms, and on the latest Intel® architecture servers. Building on a 20-year relationship, IBM and Intel today work jointly on major technology initiatives, marketing programs, and software solutions for Intel-based architectures, including the Xeon" and Itanium® processor families.

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in business innovation. IBM software is built with the expertise and experience of having created over 25,000 e-Business solutions across the globe.

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WebSphere* Software
DB2* Data Management Software
Tivoli* Software
Lotus* Software
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IBM Delivers Terascale Computing to NCSA

IBM Software for Intel Platforms

WebSphere software
WebSphere software helps organizations take applications used to run businesses and extends them to the Web. This comprehensive, scalable, and flexible platform helps connect and integrate applications inside and outside companies.

WebSphere Application Server
The IBM WebSphere Application Server is the premier Java* technology-based Web application server, integrating enterprise data and transactions with the e-Business world. It provides a rich, e-Business application deployment environment with a complete set of application services including capabilities for transaction management, security, clustering, performance, availability, connectivity and scalability.

WebSphere Application Server is being optimized for Xeon and Itanium processor families.

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DB2 software
As the foundation for e-Business, DB2 product family software is the industry's first multimedia, Web-ready relational database management system, strong enough to meet the demands of large corporations and flexible enough to serve medium-sized and small e-Businesses. There are more than 60 million DB2 users from over 300,000 companies worldwide relying on IBM data management solutions, with 80 percent of the world's data residing in an IBM data management system.

DB2 Universal Database*
The DB2 Universal Database combines integrated power for business intelligence, content management, enterprise information portals, and e-Business with industry-leading performance and reliability to drive the most demanding industry solutions. DB2 Universal Database together with Internet technology makes information easily accessible, available, and secure.

DB2 UDB EEE is being optimized for both the Xeon and Itanium processor families.

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Tivoli software
Tivoli software from IBM enables an IT organization to reduce the total cost of ownership and improve service levels of the IT infrastructure. Tivoli systems management software helps traditional enterprises and e-Businesses worldwide manage security, storage, performance and availability, and configuration and operations.

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Lotus software
Lotus software is a leading workflow and collaboration software. It helps organizations leverage the know-how of the entire enterprisesuppliers, customer and partnersenabling all the people in the organization to work together more effectively.

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