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e-business scalability profile
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Flexibility and scalability are crucial to e-Business success. When building an e-Business infrastructure, you must take a "plan now, build for the future" approach or you won't be able to adapt to a changing market. The days of deploying expensive, closed, single-system solutions are behind us.

Taken together, flexibility and scalability make up the central premise of a relatively new approach to building e-Businesses called macroprocessing. Macroprocessing applies volume microprocessor economics, performance leadership, and industry innovation to meet the demands and opportunities of the new Internet-enabled enterprise.

Intel has enjoyed enormous success in deploying a macroprocessing environment to run its e-Business. The following white paper describes how Intel used scalable, flexible, standards-based solutions to build its e-Business infrastructure. That infrastructure has grown to handle three million hits per day on Intel's business-to-consumer Web site and over $2 billion per month through its business-to-business e-Commerce system.

As you'll see in the white paper, the flexibility of Intel® processor-based servers, along with the broad base of support from third-party vendors, has produced effective scalability strategies. Key elements of Intel's e-Business infrastructure are:

  • A multi-tier server architecture
  • A scalable storage infrastructure
  • Flexible integration with core business systems
  • Proactive management
  • A scalable, redundant and responsive network infrastructure
  • A comprehensive e-Business roadmap

Learn how you can apply the lessons that Intel has learned to your e-Business infrastructure by reading the entire white paper, "Intel Corporation: The Power of Macroprocessing, e-Business Scalability Profile." [PDF, 179KB]

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