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executive summary
Why Buy an Intel® 845G Chipset-Based System?
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You don't always think about a computer's chipset when you consider what makes one PC faster than another. But the chipset, which shuttles data among the processor, memory, and I/O bus, plays a major role in determining PC performance.

The following brief describes the Intel® 845G chipset, designed to work with the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor. The 845G chipset delivers new levels of performance through several leading-edge innovations, including:

  • Support for either a 533MHz or 400MHz system bus.
  • Intel® Extreme Graphics, an integrated graphics core that renders 3D and other digital entertainment faster and better than ever.
  • Hi-Speed* USB 2.0 for 40 times the bandwidth of the original USB 1.1 specification.

The 845G chipset also offers other performance and manageability features that establish a platform for the future. And when you choose an Intel® Chipset, you get the most comprehensive set of drivers, maximum stability, and all the latest PC technologies.

To learn more, please read the entire brief [PDF, 204KB], "Why buy an Intel® 845G chipset-based system?"

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