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executive summary
building rich internet applications with Macromedia* Flash* and ColdFusion*
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The World Wide Web has quickly grown beyond static Web pages to become a conduit for interactivity, e-Commerce, and multimedia content. Macromedia* Flash* MX is a powerful tool for delivering applications and content in this increasingly complex environment. Developers can build applications that behave like desktop applications, providing visually compelling interactivity and user-friendly interfaces that go far beyond what's possible with HTML.

Macromedia Flash MX can be used to build a wide range of sophisticated Internet business applications, ranging from visual analysis tools to transactional data processing systems. Developers can provide front-end capabilities like highly-tuned interfaces and animated charts that update in real time. Just as important, Flash is optimized for the Internet environment. Among the key characteristics that make Flash so well suited to publishing on the Internet:

  • The ubiquitous Macromedia Flash Player is installed on more than 98 percent of today's Web browsers.
  • Flash content is highly optimized for Internet connections and bandwidth. Because the application presentation layer resides in the Flash Player, repetitive page redraws are avoided. Compression and caching further reduce bandwidth requirements.
  • Server loads are minimized by running the presentation layer in the Flash Player on the client. Caching and reduced run-time communications serve to relieve server loading as well.
  • Development is aided by separating out the business logic and presentation layers. By keeping business logic on the server, developers are free to make changes to Flash interface elements without impacting back-end code.
  • Macromedia Flash MX and ColdFusion* MX introduce many new features and resources that ease development, improve performance, and enhance interaction and programmatic control.

Macromedia Flash MX provides a highly interactive and fluid user experience not possible in HTML. Flash applications can be built quickly, and they work within the confines of existing IT organizations without draining network resources. Most important, they can offer end users a compelling, desktop application experience over the Internet.

Read the entire white paper [PDF, 977KB], entitled "Building Rich Internet Applications with Macromedia Flash* MX and ColdFusion* MX."

additional information
creating learning objects with Macromedia Flash MX [PDF, 651KB]
Emerging e-learning standards provide a framework for the creation, reuse, management, and interoperation of learning objects or components. Instructional developers can use Macromedia Flash MX to design, develop, and share learning object files, movie clips, and other components.

Macromedia Flash MX a next-generation rich client [PDF, 486KB]
Macromedia Flash MX was designed to marry the media-rich power of the PC with the deployment and content-rich nature of Web applications. Learn how new features in Flash MX enhance both development and presentation.

Macromedia Studio* MX datasheet [PDF, 139KB]
Macromedia Studio MX integrates Macromedia Flash*, Dreamweaver*, Fireworks*, and FreeHand* into a single, powerful solution that provides everything developers need to create the full spectrum of Internet solutions, from Web applications and Web sites to rich Internet applications.

e-learning resource center: Macromedia*
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