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As a technology and industry leader, Intel helps drive innovation that powers the e-Business revolution.

InfiniBand Architecture
Powerful processors drive your e-Business data center. But getting information where it needs to be quickly is critical to success. The InfiniBand* architecture sets a new standard for I/O performance.

Intel Research & Development
With more than 6,000 R&D professionals in over 80 labs worldwide, Intel Research & Development has provided solid improvements for today's businesses.

Peer-to-Peer Computing
Peer-to-peer computing has as much to do with business as it does with MP3. From distributed computing to edge services, peer-to-peer technology can help run your enterprise better.

The RosettaNet* initiative is blazing a path for the XML revolution. Learn how companies in the semiconductor, IT and electronics industries are making the move to fully automated commerce and supply-chain interaction.

Intel Technology Journal
Intel Technology Journal is a quarterly research and technology journal published by Intel Corp, that covers in-depth analysis and reviews of key Intel technologies spanning microprocessors, software, systems, semiconductor processes and Internet related topics.

3rd Generation
Companies are racing to deploy advanced e-Business systems that streamline and automate customer interactions. Learn how customers benefit when businesses integrate processes and systems across corporate walls.

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