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Mobile PCs

More and more companies are turning to mobile PCs to improve communications, boost productivity, and increase profits. Learn how the falling procurement and management costs of mobile PCs allow companies to quickly recoup their investment in the form of higher productivity.

Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor M
The new Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor M, based on Intel® NetBurst" microarchitecture and 0.13 micron process technology, delivers superior performance for high-intensity user applications. Learn more about how this new mobile platform will transform the workplace.

Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor M
The Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor M offers maximum portability for your workforce and delivers mainstream performance for standard business applications. Find out how to determine whether this mobile platform is right for your business.

Benefits of Mobility
Business users are realizing significant productivity gains and efficiency savings by deploying notebook PCs throughout their corporations. Read more about the quantifiable benefits that mobile computing can offer.

Mobile Technology Advancements
From power-saving innovations to wireless technologies such as Bluetooth* and 802.11, learn how Intel is pioneering new technologies, standards, and products to change the way business users work, learn, and collaborate.

Case Studies and Testimonials
More corporations are turning to mobile PCs and wireless technologies to improve communications and boost productivity. See how leading global companies are deploying notebooks and wireless LANs throughout their organizations.

Where to Buy
Find system manufacturers who build notebooks based on Intel® mobile processors.
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M
Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor M

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