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executive summary
mobile computing for large business
invest in the benefits of mobility: Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor M
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The trend in mobile computing is unmistakable. The Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO is going down, while the Total Benefit of Ownership (TBO) of mobile PCs is growing. Leading analysts report that companies can quickly recoup the extra cost of deploying mobile PCs through the added productivity gains and efficiency savings they enable. The emergence of wireless networking, such as 802.11b wireless local area networks, makes these benefits even more compelling.

The Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor M and Mobile Intel® 845MP chipset are designed to let businesses get the most value out of their high-performance mobile PCs.

  • Higher performance: Based on Intel's 0.13 micron process technology and Intel® NetBurst" microarchitecture, the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M delivers a higher level of mobile performance to power the most demanding media and graphics intensive applications.

  • Extended battery life: Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® technology helps to optimize application performance and power consumption, while Deeper Sleep Alert State adjusts voltage during the briefest periods of inactivityeven during the microseconds between keystrokes. The Mobile Intel 845MP Chipset also includes a Mobile Clock Manager that reduces chipset power during periods of low activity.

  • Thinner, lighter systems: Innovative Intel® Micro FCPGA Package technology allows the processor to fit into full-size, as well as thin-and-light notebook form factors, enabling portability and flexibility.

  • Seamless connectivity: The new processor offers ample performance to support protected client connectivity. Encryption, virus scanning, and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) tasks can run without bogging down system responsiveness. Integrated wired LAN and modem interfaces support the latest connectivity requirements.

With advanced power management and cutting-edge performance to enable high-end content creation, real-time collaboration, and active client management, employees can stay just as productive away from their desks as they do at them.

Read the entire document [PDF, 1.5MB], titled "Invest in the Benefits of Mobility: Mobile Computing for Large Business."

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