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mobile systems and security technologies for safe, anywhere/anytime computing
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Two rising technology trends are weighing on the minds of corporate IT managers. Mobile computing is becoming more pervasive than ever, as notebook users' productivity and efficiency levels soar; while corporate security is increasing in scope and importance. Because of their mobile nature, notebook PC and wireless communication devices are more susceptible to security risks than other computing platforms. Fortunately, Intel and others are taking steps to beef up mobile security.

The following white paper describes three major areas of mobile security and what Intel is doing to advance technologies in these areas:

  • Platform security, which entails deterring theft and keeping mobile PCs physically secure. Intel is working with the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) to develop a standard that will help prevent tampering and other platform security risks.
  • Data protection and systems integrity, which pertains to the security of intellectual assets on a mobile PC's hard drive. The Intel® Protected Access Architecture prevents unauthorized access and enables technologies like biometric authentication.
  • Communications security, which is needed to ensure that wireless and other communications cannot be intercepted or manipulated. Intel is working on various initiatives, including Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and IEEE 802.11.

Please read the entire white paper [PDF, 48KB], "Mobile Systems and Security: Technologies for Safe, Anywhere/Anytime Computing," to learn how mobile computing is becoming secure computing.

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