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Technology Strategies

Technology is the engine behind e-Business. Learn to keep your company's motor running smoothly with insightful technical guides that cover a wide range of technology and management issues.

Planning and Design
In e-Business, technology is critical. The decisions you make now can poise your company for success´┐Żor paint your firm into a corner. Learn how to form a technology strategy, select vendors and services, and understand the implications of outsourcing.

Software Strategies
e-Business managers must constantly assess, select, and retire software. This section provides guidelines for making informed decisions that best serve your business needs, from choosing new software to working with legacy systems.

Hardware Strategies
You need powerful, scalable and reliable hardware to drive transactions, power databases, and automate interactions. Master best practices for assessing hardware solutions and learn how to scale your business.

Integrating ERP systems and development platforms can be monumental tasks. Ease the pain and expense of these undertakings with insightful guides that can help you sidestep problems and streamline deployments.

Managing Operations
You've chosen your platforms and deployed your solutions. Now the real work begins. Master a wide array of critical management tasks, from optimizing network and site performance to managing outsourcers and vendors.

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