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Intel Innovation in Education
2000 annual report

The Challenge Facing Us

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Intel in Education

Top: Grand opening of the Jinan Kids Workshop, by Intel and Langchao. Bottom: Intel® Teach to The Future training in Israel. The Challenge Facing Us is to prepare students for the new global economy

The Challenge Facing Us
As we enter the new millennium, the majority of the world's workforce lacks the skills required to participate in the world's technology-based economy. Studies show that 60 percent of the jobs available in this new century will require skills currently held by only 20 percent of the workforce.1 Our challenge is to prepare students for the new global economy, which requires higher levels of technical education, computer literacy, critical thinking, and information analysis skills. This challenge is a significant one for Intel, directly related to our strategic interests. Intel will face dramatic curbs on its innovation and success if it cannot find qualified workers to staff its labs and factories. The state of math and science education is a concern to just about every technology companyand many non-technology companiestoday.

Kids from China's mainland participated in Intel ISEF for the first time in May 2000, Detroit, USA
Intel® Innovation in Education Program
Young boy in the United Kingdom worked with an Intel-donated whiteboard

Intel® Innovation in Education Program
The Intel® Innovation in Education Program is a worldwide initiative designed to help improve science, math, engineering, and technology education; to improve the effective use of technology in the classroom; to broaden access to technology; and to encourage women and underserved minorities to enter technical careers. As a technology leader, we create and fund a variety of innovative education programs with the goal of reversing the downward slide. The Intel Innovation in Education team works in close partnership with educators, students, and governments to bring the world's educational systems into step with the needs of the world's technology-based economy.

1.   "Reading for the Future," by David Thornburg,
Electronic School, June 1998.

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