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Intel Innovation in Education
2000 annual report

The Challenge Facing Us

Letter from President and CEO

Message from VP and Director

Youth Programs

Higher Education

Teacher Programs

Government Cooperation

Community Programs

Summary of 2000 Contributions

grants and donations
Intel in Education

Contribution Pie Chart. Higher-Ed: 60%, K-12 Ed: 29%, Community: 11% Summary of 2000 Contributions

Intel and K-12 Education
Intel focuses on enhancing math, science and technology education, and encouraging youth to pursue careers in related fields; training teachers on the effective use of technology in the classroom; promoting inquiry-based learning; placing new and recycled PCs in the classroom; and encouraging employee volunteerism. In 2000, Intel continued sponsorship of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and the Intel Science Talent Search.

Intel and Higher Education
Donations focus on scholarships and fellowships, research in engineering and technology fields, equipment donations to advance university teaching, technician training programs, and programs for women and underserved minorities.

Contributions to the Community
Intel supports communities in which it has a major facility. We contribute cash, equipment, and volunteers to support local nonprofit organizations. Contributions are made through Intel Corporation and the Intel Foundation.

About Intel
Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer networking and communications products. Intel strives to do a great job for its customers, employees, and stockholders by being the preeminent building block supplier to the worldwide Internet economy. Intel has sales offices and major facilities worldwide and employs over 80,000 people globally.

Download the PDF of the 2000 Annual Report Summary of Contributions.
Download the PDF of the Intel Education Program contact list.

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The Challenge Facing Us   Letter from President & CEO   Message from VP & Director  
Youth Programs   Higher Education   Teacher Programs   Government Cooperation  
Community Program   Summary of 2000 Contributions

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