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Intel® Innovation in Education FAQs

The Journey InsideSM
Intel® Teach to the Future

The Journey InsideSM

Q. What is The Journey InsideSM?
A. The Journey Inside is based on a classroom curriculum kit entitled "The Journey Inside The Computer." The kit was transitioned into an interactive Web-based course. View The Journey Inside.

Q. Are classroom kits still available?
A. No. The kits are no longer available. One of the main reasons we provide the Web-based version of The Journey Inside program is so more educators and students are able to use it.

Intel� Teach to the Future

General Information

Q. What is the Intel� Teach to The Future Program?
A. The Intel� Teach to the Future program is a worldwide initiative to help teachers effectively integrate the use of computer technology into classroom curriculum to improve student learning and achievement. The program promotes inquiry-based, student-centered learning. Find out more about the program.

Q. Is the Intel� Teach to the Future program available in other countries?
A.Intel� Teach to the Future is currently available to classroom teachers throughout the world. Find out if it is available in your area.

Q. Who do I contact with questions?
A. Please e-mail the Intel� Teach to the Future program support team at


Q. Does Intel have an internship program?
A. Intel does have an internship program. For more information please click here.

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